Eco friendly compostable die cut shopping bag biodegradable poly handle bag

Eco friendly compostable die cut shopping bag biodegradable poly handle bag

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Introducing our newest product, the custom biodegradable shopping handle bag, the perfect solution for environmentally conscious shoppers around the world.  Our bags are made of PLA+PBAT, a biodegradable and environmentally friendly material that is an excellent alternative to traditional plastic bags.

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These bags are available in frosted or any custom colour, with a thickness of 50-100 microns, but can be customized to your liking. The size is 30*40cm or any customized size, perfect for shopping or clothing packaging.

Our bags can be printed in up to 6 colors and can be fully customized to your printing requirements using Pantone C cards. The thicker the bag, the stronger the carrying capacity and can hold heavy loads, making it a reliable choice for all your shopping needs.

Our biodegradable die cut bag has a handle for easy portability while shopping. These bags are tough and unbreakable, providing superior quality assurance and security for your purchase.

We take environmental responsibility seriously, our bags pass strict environmental standards such as EN13432, OK Home Compost, BPI and many other certifications. Rest assured our bags meet US and EU standards.

Our bags have a shelf life of 10-12 months, and once buried in the soil, they only take 3-6 months to degrade due to a combination of moisture, temperature and microorganisms. Say goodbye to traditional plastic bags that can harm our environment and say hello to our eco-friendly compostable bags.

Our custom biodegradable tote bags are perfect for the eco-conscious shopper looking for a convenient, elegant way to fulfill their shopping needs. They’re also a great option for clothing packaging, a versatile and functional choice.

Order now to get our reusable bags with a MOQ of 5000-10,000 pcs. Join our mission to achieve a sustainable future and make a difference. Choose biodegradable, choose environmental protection, choose us!

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