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OEM/ODM clothing packing bags and mailer bags factory in since 2005

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Shenzhen Hongxiang Packaging Co., Ltd. Our factory is now specially in making 100% degradable and compost different kinds of packaging bags and resins. The main material is 100% PLA and PBAT. All material is no zero plastic, no pollution. 100% whole bio-corn starch can be used to compost and degrade resin.


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we provide professional custom production services to tailor the products you need, trouble you to provide your needs

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Why Choose Us

 100% compostable and Eco friendly material

100% compostable and Eco friendly material

cornstarch PLA+ PBAT. The substances remaining in the process of degradation and degradation are environmentally friendly or harmless.

Professional and experience

Professional and experience

17 years OEM and OEM service factory Small MOQ accepted

Competitive price and good servcie

Competitive price and good servcie

Factory price and promptly reply.

Fast shipping

Fast shipping

Fast shipping withing 3-7days and door to door service

100% compost certifaction

100% compost certifaction


Recent News

Compostable plastic from packaging is key to fashion sustainability

Compostable plastic from packaging is key to fashion sustainability

Sustainability has become an important aspect of the fashion industry in recent years. With growing concern for the environment, fashion brands are now prioritizing eco-friendly practices, one of which is reducing packaging waste. Compostable plastic in packaging is becoming a key solution, revol...

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Frito-Lay, one of the leading snack manufacturers, announced a major step towards reducing its carbon footprint

The company has revealed plans to build a greenhouse in Texas, which it hopes will eventually produce compostable chip bags. The move is part of the parent company PepsiCo’s Pep+ initiative, which aims to make all of its packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by the year 2025. The g...

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Bee Reusable Snack Bags Bundle: Organic Cotton Prints, Eco-Friendly & Washable!

Shenzhen Hongxiang Packaging Co., Ltd. Unveils Reusable Snack Bags Bundle to Reduce Plastic Waste In an effort to reduce plastic waste, Shenzhen Hongxiang Packaging Co., Ltd. has unveiled a new bundle of reusable snack bags that are made from organic cotton and feature cute bee prints. The compan...

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Biodegradable Vs Compostable Bags

Biodegradable Vs Compostable Bags

Going green is no longer an optional luxury life choice; it is an essential responsibility that everyone must embrace. This is a motto we have wholeheartedly accepted here at Hongxiang Packaging bag, and we are passionate about working towards a greener future, investing...

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