Custom clear recycled packaging ziplock bag resealable zipper bags poly plastic bag for glasses

Custom clear recycled packaging ziplock bag resealable zipper bags poly plastic bag for glasses

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Ours are eco-friendly because they recyclable (the zipper too) in landfills, at sea, and on land . They are made with standard low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and recycled PE material.

It is important that we recycle Ziploc bags and dispose of our waste properly. When we recycle, we save our raw resources, save money, and improve the earth exponentially.

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Product selling point introduction

Very good impact and puncture resistance.
Excellent water resistance.
Bold self sealing strip: Reusable ziplock seal mouth, excellent sealing performance, convenient sealing and easy to use
Sealing port design: Ziplock sealing, waterproof and moisture-proof, fine workmanship, tight edge sealing, neat and beautiful
Exhaust holes are provided: Excellent material selection, clear details,easier to store and tidy
Thick material: comfortable, resistant to pulling and pulling, and can be used for a long time
Frosted waterproof surface: Waterproof and moisture-proof, translucent and tough, with longer service life.
High-pressure edge sealing does not explode.
Durable and printable.
GRS certified


Parameter characteristics of the product


Recycled ziplock bag


Recycled PE+virgin PE

Bag Type

Ziplock bag

Surface handling

Flexo printing


Recycled and recyclable

Industrial Use

Shoes&clothes packaging bag/food packaging



Color, Thickness and Logo

Custom Accepted

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what is this product?
PE Bag is one of the most common packaging material for product. It’s transparent, soft and good durability.
It is an honor that we has been certified by GRS since Sept, 2023.
With the commitment to sustainability, we provide both 100% post-production and post-consumer PE bag.
100% Recycled Plastic Ziplock Bag make your packaging more sustainable.

this product application?
Ziplock bags, also known as resealable bags, can be used at home to pack lunches, refrigerate leftover food, store dry spice powders, organize jewelry, carry travel essentials, or organize medicines. Business uses include manufacturers using them as parts bags and distributors using them to ship small pieces so they do not get lost in packaging materials.

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