Biodegradable Cornstarch Resealable Bag Compostable Garment Packaging With Self Adhesive Packaging Bag Clothing

Biodegradable Cornstarch Resealable Bag Compostable Garment Packaging With Self Adhesive Packaging Bag Clothing

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Go plastic free and return nature! The great news is that you can now use our compostable packaging bags as an alternative to the traditional (and wasteful) plastic poly bag.. Use as t-shirt bag/sleeve, as a garment bag, or to keep any of your  goods clean & protected. These bags come with an adhesive strip and can print the standard US suffocation warning on the back of the bag so the front can be customized with a sticker of your company logo or any message. These bags are lightweight and waterproof. Use in combination with our Compostable Mailers.

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SMALL Garment Bags (190x260+40mm): Best for swimwear, kids clothes, hair accessories, socks, and small products
MEDIUM Garment Bags (265x380+40mm): Best for t-shirts, shorts, summer dresses, baby blankets
LARGE Garment Bags (360x480+40mm): Best for sweaters, hoodies, evening dresses, medium cushions
Pls note that the adhesive tape place is about 40-50mm
They are 30um-40um in thickness, so not suitable as shipping mailers. They come in packs of 100 or 1000.
Custom logo can be printed on the front or back side
Re-sealable adhesive strip so your customers can re-use the bag
Premium matte finish in milkly white to differentiate our compostable poly bags from glossy plastic.
Frosted and soft
Important: Shelf life time is about one year.
As inner packaging bag, durable and stickable.
International: EN13432, ASTM D6400, BPI certification


Parameter characteristics of the product


Biodegradable self-adhesive bag



Bag Type

Self-seal bag

Surface handling

Flexo printing


100% biodegradable and compostable

Industrial Use

Shoes&clothes packaging bag



Shelf life time for bag


Color, Thickness and Logo

Custom Accepted

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what is this product?
It is a 100% biodegradable, home-compostable garment packaging bag and is made from PBAT (a copolymer that is completely biodegradable) and PLA (modified from corn starch). 
Make sure that you store them in a cool dry place at 20-25 degrees Celsius to maintain a maximum shelf-life of 10-12 months and to ensure the adhesive strips will adhere correctly.

this product application?
As the inner bag, it is used for packaging the clothes and shoes to keep the inside products clean.

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